SHPO AE Services for Improvements at Ballaja Historical Complex

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Overview

MFS Consulting, LLC provided professional engineering and architectural services in support of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for the rehabilitation project for Quintennial Plaza, underground parking and Soportal Plaza at the Historical Complex. The historical site’s location is on the Old San Juan Historic District.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Details

MFS developed an assessment of existing architectural, and urban elements, such as cast stones, pedestals and balustrades, argamasa floors, metal railing, light poles,, bollards, among others. As part of the report, the status of the granite tiles, electric and lighting infrastructure, fountains. A structural evaluation was part of the assessment carried out.

As part of the project, the condition of the granite slabs, electrical and lighting infrastructure, including lighting system, fire protection system, elevator, automated access, signaling systems and HVAC system were assessed. New restroom location was evaluated. The water system was evaluated such as the drainage system, pumping and plumbing system and water infiltrations. MFS developed a design for conceptual bathrooms at Quintennial Plaza and an enclosure for the garbage containers.

Following the assessment findings, MFS provided restoration recommendations based on the existing conditions. Finally, developed the scope of work for design and build project.


  • Owner:
    State Historic Preservation Office

Services Provided

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