ASC Building 185 Door Replacement

Brooklyn, New York

Project Overview

MFS Construction, LLC (MFS) provided the labor, materials, and equipment to replace the metal security doors and security hardware for Building 185 in Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn, New York

Project Details

Before any construction began, all toolbox talks/job hazard analysis was completed daily, as well as review of the Health and Safety Plan. All appropriate warning signs and cones were placed to ensure the safety of all individuals in the surrounding area. All on-site personnel were approved to work via client background clearance requirement.

The building existing doors were secured with outdated devices and hardware. MFS provided client with secured doors at the end of each day by performing demolition and installation on two doors by the end of the workday. Device removal and reinstallation was coordinated with on-site security to ensure access was not affected. Doors/frames were removed and stored on site for disposal to the approved facility. All new hardware was installed and tested with the client to ensure operation was acceptable.

After all security hardware had been disconnected, the old doors and frames were removed from the building and removed in manageable sections to the approved disposal facility. The new doors were properly aligned and had clearances with the existing frames. The new doors and frames had factory prime before installation and painted after installation.


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