El Yunque Rainforest - Sierra Palm Picnic Area & Palo Colorado Areas

Río Grande, Puerto Rico

Project Overview

MFS Construction worked together with the USDA Forest Service for the restoration of the forest trails, picnic areas, interpretive centers, restrooms and others in the Sierra Palm Picnic & Palo Colorado Areas, which were significantly impacted by hurricanes Irma and María.

Mfs construction el yunque bridge replacement
Mfs construction el yunque contracting
Mfs construction yunque recovery
Río Grande, Puerto Rico

Project Details

MFS established special construction methods adjusted in such a way to minimize the impact to the vegetation and protect the natural and artificial areas adjacent to the project. The project consisted of the repair and maintenance of the Picnic Areas and Interpretative Sites. Work included site maintenance, construction, roofing and gutter
system replacement, minor concrete repairs, wooden window and frame replacement. Paving and excavation, work striping of parking areas, clearing and lawn maintenance, signature replacement, and installation of temporary water distribution system were also part of the project task at El Yunque National Forest.


  • Client:
    USDA Forest Service

Services Provided

  • Our project managers understand the value of construction projects from planning, execution, controlling, and closely working as a team to achieve the project's goals.
  • Our construction team is ready for full deployment when a natural disaster or emergency response is called for.
  • MFS provides materials, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of a project and hires specialized subcontractors to perform specific duties as needed.