USDA Repair Headhouse #2

Chatsworth, NJ

Project Overview

MFS Construction, LLC completed a contract with the USDA for Phase 2 of the USDA Headhouse Renovation at the Phillip E. Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research in Chatsworth, New Jersey.

Chatsworth, NJ

Project Details

The project involved new flooring, ceiling, finishes, insulation, siding, and a new roof truss, as well as a new HVAC system and plumbing upgrades.

Existing stoops were removed using jackhammering and excavation, with rebar placed before concrete pour. Spoils were disposed of, and new foundations were constructed.

Wood framing utilized 2x6 pressure treated lumber, following specifications. Wood studs were installed and blocked, and a licensed structural engineer oversaw the installation of the wood truss system.

Exterior walls and roofing sheathing were installed, followed by house wrapping and underlayment placement. Metal roofing and siding systems were then installed, along with gutters and downspouts.

Exterior doors and windows were installed, accompanied by proper flashing and seals. Interior doors were installed after exterior work completion.

HVAC installation began with motorized units, followed by ductwork installation and through-wall penetrations. Proper insulation and sealing were ensured throughout.

Domestic hot water and sanitary sewer services were installed, with proper insulation and venting. Electrical installation included routing cables and conduit for light switches, receptacles, and other items, with circuits labeled before completion.

Interior finishes included gypsum wall board installation, priming, and painting. Epoxy flooring and resilient flooring systems were installed, followed by trim placement.


  • Owner:
    National Park Service

Services Provided

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