US Virgin Islands National Guard Design/Build

Saint Croix, USVI

Project Overview

The US Virgin Islands National Guard (USVING) in Saint Croix, USVI, calls for demolition, new construction repairs and rehabilitation for military buildings including a compound, armory and more.

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Saint Croix, USVI

Project Details

MFS is under contract by Conti Federal Services for general construction services in various properties of the US Virgin Islands National Guard (USVING) in Saint Croix, USVI. The award to MFS consists of demolition, new construction, repairs and rehabilitation for military buildings that include a compound, an operations facility, guard booths, warehouse, armory and a hangar. MFS is responsible for providing all field labor, material and equipment for this project.

The project is scheduled for four (4) phases. On the initial phase, MFS has been tasked with constructing HVAC infrastructure that required new concrete slabs, excavate trenches for the underground electrical conduits, and furnish and install protective fencing and bollards of the perimeters.

The scheduled second and third phases require repairs on 7 buildings and construction of smaller infrastructure, such as guard booths and entrances, throughout various USVING installations in the island of St. Croix. Tasks include interior and exterior works, electrical and mechanical works, HVAC, fire safety, demolition of ceilings to install new reflected ceilings, gypsum board work, installation of new floorings, installation of various types of doors – including secure and ballistic doors – , new windows and curtains, lighting fixtures, hangar repairs and installation of rolling doors, new fiber glass walls, among others.

The final and fourth phase (4) will require roof repairs and remediation for the aforementioned buildings. Throughout the entirety of the project, MFS must comply with USACE standards of Health, Safety and Security for their personnel on site, abide by U.S. regulations on materials and equipment, and submitting Daily Work Reports of all activities incurred in the project sites.

For this particular project, MFS has had to mobilize personnel, vehicles, equipment and materials for a long-term operation in the island of St. Croix, as final delivery is expected to be on October 2020.


  • Owner:
    US Virgin Islands National Guard (USVING)
    • Client:
      Conti Federal Services

Services Provided

  • Our project management and construction teams are capable of performing design-build projects to reduce the overall project schedule by overlapping the project’s design and construction phases.
  • MFS is licensed and insured to self-perform construction for different market sectors.