Tribunal Supremo de Puerto Rico Rehabilitation

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Overview

MFS Construction carried out the rehabilitation and remodeling for the Supreme Court building after Hurricane Maria. The Supreme Court of Puerto Rico is a historic building, listed in the national Registry of Historic Places. It is a three-story, reinforced concrete courthouse located in the easternmost point of the grounds of Luis Muñoz Rivera Park at Puerto De Tierra in San Juan. The building was designed in 1952 by local firm Toro-Ferrer with collaboration with Charles W. Warner, Jr. and Harold Eliot Leeds as design consultants and inaugurated on February 4, 1956.

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Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Details

Divided in three phases, the first included the rehabilitation of outside wood walls of the session room, and the demolition and construction of approximately 530 sq. ft. of ceiling containing asbestos. The galleries’ iron railings were fabricated in stainless steel and wooden handrails were restored keeping the original wood.

The second phase included the rehabilitation of the wooden handrails and new iron works of the helical stairs, this being the emblematic trademark of the Supreme Court. Followed by the demolition and construction of another ceiling, formerly containing asbestos of approximately 828 sq. ft., the rehabilitation of the main gate of the building and the restoration of all the wood elements, doors and the Marshalls desk in the main lobby. The third phase included the fabrication of all the railings in stainless steel on the outside of the main building and the installation of new wooden louvers across all the terrain level.


  • Owner:
    Oficina de Administración de los Tribunales

Services Provided

  • Our team knows the importance of maintaining historic structures and has the experience and knowledge to deal with any challenging situation regarding these structures.