Roadway, Bridges, & Tunnels

Hurricane Maria Debris Management and Monitoring

Various Locations PR

Project Overview

MFS Construction provided construction management and safety monitoring services to the client in support of management, removal, and hauling of debris resulting from Hurricane Maria from various roads, bridges, right-of-way, and waterways in Puerto Rico.

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Various Locations PR

Project Details

The 2017 hurricane season inflicted severe damage to communities and coastal resources over large areas of the Caribbean, leaving a swath of destruction and large amounts of debris in coastal zones of the affected areas. This debris poses hazards to transportation and sensitive ecosystems.

MFS Construction provided construction management and safety monitoring services to the Department of Transportation and Public Works in Puerto Rico on a project remove hurricane-generated debris from various road, bridges, right-of-way, and waterways. MFS ensured safety protocols were met by providing the client with a daily checklist for all the site activities to insure that all contractors and subcontractors were in compliance with the OSHA requirements. All safety concerns was addressed directly to the client’s on site supervisor, and discussed during regular safety meetings.


  • Owner:
    Department of Transportation and Public Works Puerto Rico
    • Client:
      Thompon Consulting LLC
      • Date Completed:
        December 2018

Services Provided

  • We have extensive experience providing construction management services to the construction industry in the public and private market sectors to a diverse clientele, including developers, state and government agencies, architects, engineers, and contractors. ​Our multiple discipline expertise and leading edge in-house professional technical ability enables us to offer invaluable solutions to our diverse client needs.
  • Our construction team is ready for full deployment when a natural disaster or emergency response is called for.