Rehabilitación Centro De Usos Múltiples

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Project Overview

MFS Construction, LLC was contracted by the Municipality of Culebra to provide general construction services. The project consisted of rehabilitation of the Centro de Usos Múltiples at Culebra, Puerto Rico. As General Contractor, MFS was liable for providing labor force, materials, equipment, and supervision required for the development of each task.

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Project Details

After Hurricane Maria, the building suffered extensive interior and exterior damage. The tasks executed included replacement windows and doors, air-conditioner condenser units’ relocation, interior and exterior paint and walls/ceiling plaster, and replaced roof waterproof membrane. In addition, electrical and plumbing works were carried out.

For the interior, MFS rehabilitated spaces in compliance with current building and accessibility ADA codes. The loose concrete plaster was removed and replaced appropriately: where a rebar was exposed, an additive product was applied to prevent future breakouts and then paint the concrete ceiling slab. MFS replaced suspended acoustical ceiling that hung below the structural ceiling. Moreover, the electrical system was repaired such as including the replacement of lamps with LED technology and all conduit/junction box necessary for the redistribution. The relocation of A/C unit’s condenser, including additional cooper and electrical materials was part of the project.

In addition, MFS provided a fence to protect the stairs entrance; removed and replaced all damaged windows and doors in the building. To rehabilitate the exterior, MFS removed and replaced exterior plaster and painted the balcony and exterior walls. To ensure adherence of the topcoat of paint, more durability and better appearance, primer was applied to all walls.

On the roof, MFS completely removed the damaged waterproofing system in the building; subsequently, installed a new Danosa system according to specification. To ensure that future rainy weather events do not accumulate water, a new downspout system was installed. The new drainage system will help channel water away from the building to the storm drain and underground drainage system that surrounds the building.


  • Owner:
    Gabierno Municipal de Culebra

Services Provided

  • MFS provides materials, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of a project and hires specialized subcontractors to perform specific duties as needed.