NPS Great Kills Beach Soffit Replacement

Staten Island, NY

Project Overview

MFS Construction, LLC was contracted by NPS to provide all labor, equipment, and material necessary to complete the required construction corresponding to demolition, architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and specialty drawings and specifications required for the Great Kills Park – Beach Center Soffit Replacement.

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Staten Island, NY

Project Details

Before construction began, MFS’ team secured the work zone with safety measures. All OSHA demolition standards were implemented. Soffit panels and lighting fixtures were removed and disposed of properly.

The new mounting system was installed, including C channels and braces, for the new soffit panels. Steel plates were used to suspend new lighting fixtures, installed according to electrical codes.

Soffit panels were measured, trimmed, and tailored around existing columns and new lighting fixtures. Trims were replaced, and new fascia installed where needed.


  • Owner:
    National Park Service

Services Provided

  • We have extensive experience providing construction management services to the construction industry in the public and private market sectors to a diverse clientele, including developers, state and government agencies, architects, engineers, and contractors. ​Our multiple discipline expertise and leading edge in-house professional technical ability enables us to offer invaluable solutions to our diverse client needs.