Hotel Former State Department

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Overview

MFS Construction, LLC was contracted by Hostal El Convento S en GSE to provide historical construction services at Hostal El Convento. The building is the former State Department and is located on San José Street in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The scope of the work consisted of the restoration of the historical building; the interior and exterior façade of the cornices.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Details

The task included lime plaster on the exterior façade of the building, on the door and window frames and cornices. The preparation of the plaster was a mixture of lime and water, adding sand, until obtaining a consistent and resistant material. The exterior façade restoration included renewed the damaged emblems that are architectural parts of the historical building. using similar techniques the interior Patio facades were restored.

MFS was responsible for providing all necessary materials, equipment, labor, and insurance to perform each task.

MFS has vast experience in historic buildings, knows how to proceed with the techniques for this type of construction, and our staff has been distinguished by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP). The protection of the historical structure and the attention to the procedures that had to be maintained was our most challenge without leaving behind the necessary safety elements to be carried out these tasks.


  • Owner:
    Hostal El Convento S en GSE

Services Provided

  • Our team knows the importance of maintaining historic structures and has the experience and knowledge to deal with any challenging situation regarding these structures.