FEMA - Mayaguez Medical Center Site Improvements

Mayaguez, PR

Project Overview

MFS provided professional services to Department of Homeland Security (FEMA) in support of the emergency response design and installation of temporary potable water, sanitary piping, and electrical installation for temporary structures located at Mayaguez Medical Center, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Mayaguez, PR

Project Details

The construction included a build out of potable water and grey water piping with water storage for a temporary Western Shelter containerized kitchen, laundry, and bathroom facilities at Mayaguez Medical Center’s back parking lot. The MFS team provided support on the electrical installation of five containers located at Mayaguez Medical Center, using a super service cable to form the electrical distribution point with connection to each container. MFS additionally installed the potable water supply from the connection point established with a valve installed, as well as a line heater to supply hot water, for distribution purposes. MFS completed the work within 4 days with minimal to no disruption to the daily operational activities of the medical center.


  • Owner:
    FEMA Region II

Services Provided