Emmanuel Celler Federal Couthouse Security Installations

Brooklyn, New York

Project Overview

MFS Construction, LLC (MFS) provided all labor, equipment, and material necessary to complete the construction services required for the renovation of three (3) existing rooms on the fifth floor of the Emmanuel Celler Court house.

In order to successfully deliver a soundproofed room, MFS collaborated with the tenant throughout the construction of the project. Utilizing past soundproofing experience and expertise, MFS diligently reviewed all areas of construction prior to commencement and facilitated any RFI’s or adjustments necessary to fully secure the space. MFS provided a designated individual with proven experience and knowledge to participate in all sound and final inspections. Communication between MFS and GSA was open and constructive at all times to ensure no issues existed in the final constructed space.

A key consideration in the construction execution of this project, was the requirement for all work to be conducted with minimal interference with the current occupants. This required coordination with the building occupants and tenants to ensure tenant disruption was minimal.

Brooklyn, New York

Project Details


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