Conrad B. Duberstein Courthouse Renovation

Brooklyn, NY

Project Overview

MFS Construction (MFS) provided professional design and construction services for the General Services Administration in conjunction with the United States Attorney’s Office to assist in the design and renovation of the second floor at the Conrad B. Duberstein Courthouse. This renovation of their existing space will allow for GSA/USAO to expand their mission capabilities in NY. The GSA utilized MFS for professional architectural and engineering services during the pre-construction, MFS was responsible for handling all contract administration, cost management, risk and claims, and providing inspection and reports of work in progress.

Brooklyn, NY

Project Details

During the construction phases of the project, MFS was responsible for all project management, construction, quality, and scheduling . MFS provided full time, on- site certified personnel to perform functions such as record keeping, schedule monitoring, document control, financial management, claim & dispute management, construction inspections, safety monitoring and closeout/ commissioning. MFS frequently administered bi-weekly progress meetings with the GSA/USAO and subcontractors to ensure timely progression of the project.

MFS additionally coordinated with the GSA and the project’s Accreditation official to complete a close-out program that documented the completion of project punch-list and certification of the security level of the finished room. MFS advised the GSA on a variety of issues related to the project’s completion, ensuring stakeholders were aware of the necessary procedures to close out construction, obtain permits, and occupy newly built spaces. MFS managed all project documents and correspondence via web-based document control system with all documents being turned over to the client upon project completion.


  • Owner:
    General Services Administration (GSA)
    • Client:
      United States Attorney’s Office

Services Provided

  • Our project management and construction teams are capable of performing design-build projects to reduce the overall project schedule by overlapping the project’s design and construction phases.