DOJ Emanuel Celler Federal Courthouse Conduit Installation

Brooklyn, New York

Project Overview

MFS Construction, LLC (MFS) was contracted by the US Department of Justice to provide the labor, materials, and equipment to furnish and install an above-ceiling conduit at the Emanual Celler Federal Courthouse.

Brooklyn, New York

Project Details

MFS’ team installed one above-ceiling conduit, between the two “SCIF” rooms, and another between the “office space” and “large SCIF” rooms to accommodate future access control systems. Prior to installation ceiling tiles were removed, and floor protection was implemented. Holes were drilled through existing CMU walls located between the rooms.

Following installation of conduit, any new penetrations created through existing CMU walls above-ceiling were sealed with an acoustic sealant to preserve each respective room’s STC rating. Once work was completed, ceiling tiles were reinstalled, and floor protection was removed.

MFS provided on-site supervision and gave daily reports through the course of work.


  • Owner:
    US Department of Justice

Services Provided

  • MFS provides materials, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of a project and hires specialized subcontractors to perform specific duties as needed.