Construction Management Services for the Bergen County Utilities Authority

Little Ferry, NJ

Project Overview

MFS Engineers & Surveyors provided consulting services to the Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA) to aid in the management of public utility projects. The BCUA utilized MFS’ professional construction management skills during various projects' design and construction phases. MFS delivered projects in a timely manner and completed them within budget.

Little Ferry, NJ

Project Details

MFS professionals managed construction, maintenance and repair activities, and solicited proposals from qualified firms, contractors, and vendors. MFS was additionally responsible for handling all contract administration, cost management, risk and claims, and assisted the County in attaining all necessary permits.

During the preconstruction and construction phases of each project, MFS was responsible for all project management and contract administration activities. MFS provided on-site certified personnel to perform functions such as record keeping, schedule monitoring, document control, financial management, claim & dispute management, construction inspections, safety monitoring, and closeout/commissioning. A web-based document control system was set up and maintained for the duration of the contract to record all project documents and correspondence. MFS facilitated coordination meetings with the BCUA, the project’s A&E firm, and contractors to ensure the forward progression of each project.

Furthermore, MFS’ staff coordinated with the BCUA and the project’s A&E firm to complete a close-out program that documented the completion of project punch-list items. MFS advised the BCUA on a variety of issues related to the project’s completion, ensuring stakeholders were aware of the necessary procedures to closeout contracts, obtain permits, and occupy newly built spaces.


  • Owner:
    Bergen County Utilities Authority

Services Provided

  • We have extensive experience providing construction management services to the construction industry in the public and private market sectors to a diverse clientele, including developers, state and government agencies, architects, engineers, and contractors. ​Our multiple discipline expertise and leading edge in-house professional technical ability enables us to offer invaluable solutions to our diverse client needs.