Real Estate Development

Ted Weiss Elevator Modernization

New York, NY

Project Overview

MFS Engineers & Surveyors (MFS) was retained by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) for construction management services at Ted Weiss Federal Office Building in New York, New York. This project was a Design-Bid-Build contract for the upgrade and modernization of mechanical systems, electrical systems, fire protection and alarm systems, as well as elevator systems and cabs.

New York, NY

Project Details

The goal of this project was to modernize 16 passenger and two (2) freight elevators servicing the building. Mechanical systems such as HVAC, electrical distribution, and fire protection systems were modernized in all elevator equipment rooms as well as further spaces affected by this work. In addition, new communication systems were installed to each elevator cab and equipment room tying into the Building Management System. A New Building Management Communication Center was also installed at the secured FBI elevator lobby. All of the above work was completed maintaining complete building operation and with minimal impact to building occupant’s normal operations.

MFS’ team was brought onto the project in the pre-design phase to perform conceptual budget development and review pre-design study reports and surveys. During the design phase, MFS reviewed incremental submissions from the design team. At each submission MFS provided GSA with design review comments, system selection reviews, estimated construction durations and an independent government estimate (IGE) for cost comparison and budget control. MFS also coordinated value engineering workshops between all project participants in an effort to deliver a completed design that could be constructed within the specified budget.

During the construction phase of the project, MFS was responsible for all project management and contract administration activities. MFS provided full time on-site certified personnel to perform functions such as record keeping, schedule monitoring, document control, financial management, claim & dispute management, construction inspections, safety monitoring and closeout/commissioning.

Throughout the design, construction and close out phases, MFS administered coordination meetings between GSA, designers, contractors and building tenants to ensure the timely forward progression of the project.


  • Owner:
    General Services Administration (GSA)

Services Provided

  • We have extensive experience providing construction management services to the construction industry in the public and private market sectors to a diverse clientele, including developers, state and government agencies, architects, engineers, and contractors. ​Our multiple discipline expertise and leading edge in-house professional technical ability enables us to offer invaluable solutions to our diverse client needs.