Earthquake Relief Missions


Soon after the events of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake on January 7th, 2020, our office in Puerto Rico coordinated a volunteer mission to the affected southern region of Puerto Rico. The brigade of volunteers, which consisted of both administrative and field staff, delivered basic necessities, elementary school materials, and other much-needed resources to ease the situation being faced by the region’s residents.

Observing firsthand the hardships, including children and senior citizens displaced as a result of evacuation, remote communities with very limited resources, and entire towns living in tents and makeshift camps, we got the opportunity to see firsthand the resiliency and hope that the Puerto Rican community is known for.

Continuing our efforts, CEO and President, José Fuertes, PE, was joined by Principal Paul Shim, PE from our New Jersey headquarters, and to provide volunteer home inspections for affected disadvantaged communities.

The entire coordination could not have been possible without the help of key staff and community leaders who provided their time and dedication to help those in need.

As a new decade starts, MFS will continue being at the forefront of assisting our communities. For us, being able to give back is the true measure of success.

Photo: Alejandro Granadillo/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief Mission - January 2020