Featured Projects: Puerto Rico

El Yunque Restoration 1

Castillo San Cristobal Emergency Generator Replacement

Did you know that the Castillo San Cristobal is the largest fortification built by the Spanish in the New World? Built between 1634 and 1790, this castle guarded the eastern gate of the fortified city of San Juan from countless land attacks throughout its history, and it is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To modernize its operations, MFS was tasked with the replacement of the fortress’ emergency generator and substation. Our team had to enforce special care and precautions to ensure the preservation of this historical structure.

Sierra Palm & Palo Colorado Picnic Areas in El Yunque Rainforest

Considered the only tropical rain forest under the United States National Forest System, El Yunque encompasses 28,000 acres of land in Puerto Rico’s northeast region. El Yunque has no wet or dry season, it rains year round, and the temperature remains fairly constant throughout the year, providing the conditions for constant flora and fauna growth and regeneration, it even has a Dwarf forest ecosystem. After the onslaught caused by Hurricane Irma and Maria in 2017, the visiting and picnic areas required repairs and rehabilitation, which MFS provided in support of the USDA Forest Service.

Preserve Santa Elena & San Agustin Bastions

Due to its historical components, the fortress walls that surround the Old San Juan, need constant attention and special care. Some of these walls are over 500 years old! National Park Service contracted MFS in 2016 to restore and help maintain the walls’ integrity through the development and injection of a custom grout mix that best imitated the one used centuries ago. The team at MFS is widely recognized in the historic district of Old San Juan as one of the few contractors capable of handling such historical projects.

Rehabilitation of the Supreme Courthouse of Puerto Rico

Listed in the National Registry of historic Places, the Supreme Courthouse of Puerto Rico is a three-story reinforced concrete structure inaugurated on February 4, 1956. The building was designed in 1956 by locally acclaimed firm Toro-Ferrer in collaboration with Charles W. Warner Jr. and Harold Elliot Leeds as design consultants. MFS was tasked with the rehabilitation of various courtrooms, the restoration of railings, stairs and other aesthetic elements, and the construction of two interior ceilings.